At NUMA, we believe that Great Founders build coherence between vision and execution


NUMA Barcelona

Trybe is a SaaS enabled marketplace for independent chefs to set up, manage, and promote an online food business. We are building the world’s biggest restaurant with locations in every corner of the globe.


NUMA Barcelona

Dockbit turns complex software deployments into simple and manageable workflows. We bring teams together by empowering them to ship code better.


NUMA Barcelona

Create contagious live stories around the world joining Vitcord. Combine your personal videos with other people moments, to create wonderful stories. Transform for the first time all the community into re-actors, and contributors.


NUMA Barcelona

Connecting guests to hotels through Messaging Apps. We provide the first messaging as a service with personalized automatization as a way to reduce friction in customer communication, improve service, and drive more revenue.


NUMA Barcelona

Discover your local trainers and workouts. A game-changing app to find trainers, classes & workouts in your neighbourhood that match your preference!


NUMA Paris

Goodeed democratizes online donations for non-profits. We’re building the first worldwide community of donors that mobilizes instantly and for free.

iMa Coiffeuse Afrol

NUMA Paris

Ma Coiffeuse Afro connects masters of afro hair with people who struggle to find a hairdresser. Our vision is to make health and beauty simple for people of color.


NUMA Montpellier

MaSmartHome makes it easy to create a customized and evolutive smart home. We turn any home, into the home of your dreams.

iEnergy Squarel

NUMA Paris

Energysquare is a brand new technology that can charge any device placed on any flat surface.Their first product is an intuitive charging surface for smartphones, that can be installed at home or in your office.


NUMA Montpellier

Founded in 2016 by two enthusiast astronomers who met during their studies in aerospace, Vaonis designs intelligent astronomical instruments.


NUMA Paris

SYOS disrupts the industry of acoustic musical instruments making by offering the musicians a custom-sound thanks to 3D printing and an algorithm linking the musician’s vocabulary and the geometry of the instrument.

iMy Senderl

NUMA Moscow

My Sender is a platform that aggregates all communication channels between companies and their clients.


NUMA Barcelona

Filmarket Hub is the AngelList for the Film Industry. An online marketplace to connect film projects in development with production companies and financiers around the world. It is the biggest in Europe and Latin America.