Numa Barcelona

Season 1

November 2016 - March 2017

At NUMA Barcelona, we bring growth and human capital to startups


NUMA Barcelona

Trybe offers chefs the best tools to set-up and operate a flexible online food business. We are creating the worlds biggest restaurant with locations in every corner of the globe


NUMA Barcelona

Dockbit is the continuous delivery platform that helps teams ship software faster, together and without fear. Connect dozens of services together and kick-off deployments with a single Slack command.


NUMA Barcelona

Discover your local trainers and workouts. A game-changing app to find trainers, classes & workouts in your neighbourhood that match your preference!


NUMA Barcelona

Connecting guests to hotels through Messaging Apps. We provide the first messaging as a service with personalized automatization as a way to reduce friction in customer communication, improve service, and drive more revenue.


NUMA Barcelona

Create contagious live stories around the world joining Vitcord. Combine your personal videos with other people moments, to create wonderful stories. Transform for the first time all the community into re-actors, and contributors.


NUMA Barcelona

Filmarket Hub is the biggest online film market in Europe and Latin America. A platform where film companies find great projects to make, and great projects find the partners they need.


NUMA Barcelona

The flat fee for live entertainment. Discover and access events every day without paying for the tickets.


NUMA Barcelona

Sheltair creates a network of spaces to be accessed on demand, unlocked by smartphone. With the app, the user find the space, book it and unlocks the door for as long as they need it.


NUMA Barcelona

Peer to peer intercity courier service with express and overnight shipments without extra cost, availability on weekends and public holidays, real time tracking is provided, no packaging required.


NUMA Barcelona

Real-time 360 video stitching smartphone apps for journalists, story tellers, and directors. Licensable white label 360/VR video app players for brands and creator studios. Middleware for 360 camera vendors.